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King Agnarr and Queen Iduna were rulers of Arendelle and parents of Elsa and Anna.

One day in orde to discover the secret of Elsa's power, they headed off to the Athohalan but were intercepted by the water horse spirit Nokk. The ship sank eventually due to the massive tidal waves. Officially they were presumed dead, but in truth the two of them survived. However the stream of water washed them far away from scandinavian waters for a while, that is until they were picked up by an England ship. The sailors on the ship were not fond of them though as they planned on selling the royalties to the British government. During their captivity, they soon discovered that Iduna bares another child in her belly.

They were very happy, and knew they had to escape in fear of what the sailors can do them and their baby. One day they are marooned on the Atlantic coast of Africa after their boat caught fire and sunk (though it isn't explained how the fire started, possibly lighting bolts from storm). They then build a massive tree-house from salvage. They are then found and killed by Sabor the leopard, though Tarzan was missed. Kala later found their bodies along with cat-made paw-prints of (supposedly) their blood: evidence that Sabor had been responsible. Luckily she had found Tarzan and both managed to escape Sabor who was still at the tree-house. Tarzan eventually forgot about them later on in the film until recently. He would also at some point learn that his parent's deaths were all Sabor's doing (though Sabor had also been killed by Tarzan himself earlier in the film).

They are also mentioned in the sequel television-series The Legend of Tarzan.