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Cat R. Waul
Background information
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Kristof Serrand
Voice John Cleese
Performance model
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Character information
Full name Cat R. Waul
Other names Boss, Pussy-poos
Race Cat
Personality Hungry, arrogant, intelligent, murderous, conniving, sophisticated
Appearance Slender brown cat, red top hat, green eyes, red cape, light red vest with gold buttons, white shirt, black string bowtie, no pants, and a monocle on his left eye
Occupation Leader of the Cactus Cat Gang, Fievel's arch-nemesis
Affiliations Bad
Goal To kill Fievel and Tanya's parents and turn them into mouseburgers (succeeded)
Allies His boss Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin, Scar, Shere Khan, Ratigan, Pete, Pete's Pirates, Scroop the Spider, Lotso
Minions T.R. Chula, The Cactus Cat Gang
Enemies Fievel Mousekewitz, Mrs. Brisby, Tanya Mousekewitz, Cholena, Wylie Burp, Tiger, Miss Kitty, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Danny Cat, Sawyer Cat, Edmond Cat, Oliver, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Duchess, Thomas O'Malley, Scat Cat and his gang, Jenny Foxworth, Bagheera, Baloo, Jack and Jorge, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex, Hamm, Lena Hyena
Likes Tanya's singing, getting his way, mouse burgers
Dislikes Being called "pussy poo"
Powers and abilities
Weapons Swordcane, Gun
Fate He and his men got carried away by a train with Lena Hyena on board
Quote "Jolly good. Now pay attention. Cats and gentle mice, lend me your ears. It is my distinguished pleasure to invite all of you to share our dinner--Triumph! To share our triumph! Today, we herald in a momentous new feast..ival. Feastival...festival. To mark this brilliant and illustrious snack occasion, I will, with my golden scissors, hereby cut...a red...ribbon."

Cat R. Waul is the leader of the Cactus Cat Gang and Fievel Mousekewitz's arch-nemesis. In Mrs. Brisby Meets Fievel, he schemed to open his new casino in Toontown, keep Fievel, Cholena, Tanya, Yasha, and Mrs. Brisby alive and turn his family into mouse burgers.

In Hidden Chronicles Cat R. Waul appeared as one of the major antagonists who plotted to capture Pooh and Tigger and sell them to the scientists of NIMH.


  • Cat R. Waul shares similarities with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Turbo/King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph, and Lord Victor Quartermaine from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as they believe themselves to be heroes, and intend to kill their "ugly", "monstrous", "abusive", "cruel", "hateful", and "nasty" foes (the Beast, Wreck-It Ralph, the Were-Rabbit, Mama and Papa Mousekewitz). Although the other villains failed, Cat R. Waul succeeded killing the child hero's innocent parental figures whom he considered cruel, hateful, and abusive parents (Mama and Papa Mousekewitz).
  • Cat R. Waul is similar to Scar from The Lion King. They killed a child hero's parents. (Scar killed Mufasa in the wildebeest stampede, Cat R. Waul killed Papa and Mama Mousekewitz with a giant mousetrap).